The company was established in year 1998.

Following are the services provided by the company

The major customers for CHA & Cargo Survey services includes Birla Copper, GNFC, GACL, ADANI, COASTAL ENERGY etc.

Agents for Oldendorff Carriers, Crest Maritime, Libra Shipping, China Ocean Shipping Co. etc.

The key features of our company are:

1. Round the clock service providers.

2. Having offices at multi-locations ie., Bharuch & Surat.

3. Well qualified and efficient staff.

4. Having good rapport with local authorities, Customs, GMB & Port Authorities.

Indian Registers

Commercial Registration No:

04 – 32415 of 1997 – 1998
Date of Registration: 28/05/1997
Tax Registration No: AAACK9924E
Service Tax Registration No: AAACK9924EST001
Date of Registration: 28/05/1997
GSA Registration No: AAACK9924E SA AHD4
CHA Licence No: CHA/SRT/01/97